Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We're back!!!

Well, I'll be honest with you all...  Eric and I went into a deep depression over our first attempt AND second attempt to brew beer (the infamous White House Honey Porter, which we tried turning into a "Holiday Porter").  We were scared to tell the world of our failures.  BUT Rome was not built in one day!

The first attempt at brewing seemed like it would be successful but it was not... kind of.  It was beer, and it tasted like beer.  However the "Plain American Ale" brew kit that we bought tasted watered down almost.  It had a distinctive home brew taste (I called it a "home brew taste" after our second brew, the honey porter, tasted very similar).  After thinking and drinking and dreaming and contemplation and drinking and thinking some more I came to the conclusion we screwed up the hops!

They are two types of hops:  One that goes in for almost the entire boil (bittering hops), and one that goes in at the very, very end of the boil (aroma hops).  We screwed up that entire cycle of hops in both brews; aka, we suck!

I was done brewing at this point.  Done! Finished! Finite! Acabado!  But Brandy (under the direction of Eric, who did not want our passion of beer to die... or all the money we put towards the brew equipment to go to waste) bought me the most glorious brew kit for Christmas; a coffee stout brew kit.  Just like that I was back in the game!

This is a "hop spider" that Eric learned how to make

This past Monday we decided to brew it.  Bad idea.  It was a high of 25 degrees with a wind chill of about 5 degrees.  But that didn't stop us!  Eric and I were determined to finally brew a GOOD beer.  We fought through the elements, didn't fu*k up the hops, and drank a little bit of beer.  However, we won't know if this attempt was a success until about a month from now.  We will be sure to keep you all informed throughout this entire brewing process.  Third time's a charm!

spent grains that i hope to bake into bread!

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