Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Oktoberfest might be my favorite time of year.  It's a time when it's okay to stuff your face with greasy pub food and wash it all down with a nice Oktoberfest beer... Or more.  I did a little research on the history of Oktoberfest.  Long story short, it started in Munich, Germany on October 12th, 1810 to celebrate a royal wedding.  The prince and princess invited all the citizens to join in the celebration.  Since then, Oktoberfest in Munich has evolved to the largest festival in the world and is celebrated by millions of people around the world!

Now a beer review of an authentic Oktoberfest beer:

The pint glass is empty because I was so surprised how delicious
the beer is that forgot to take a picture before I drank it
I've never been a fan of imported beers, mainly because most of them have a distinct slight skunky smell to them.  My girlfriend loves Stella, however I think it smells like liquefied skunk! But I made an exception this year for Oktoberfest.  I've heard that Spaten's Oktoberfest Beer is the world's first Oktoberfest beer.  If I were going to try an imported beer, this one had to be it!  I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes there is still a slight skunky smell, but go ahead and pour it in a pint glass and you'll be fine...  Compared to other Oktoberfest beers, Spaten's has a sweeter and nuttier taste;  where as, for example, Schlafly's Oktoberfest is more bitter but still has a good German beer taste.  This Oktoberfest, Spaten's Oktoberfest has my vote for my favorite Oktoberfest beer!  And luckily, any good liquor should be carrying this beer through the Oktoberfest season.

On a side note, I was looking through the food portion of Pinterest and found that Red Robin is making a Sam Adams Oktoberfest Shake!  Unfortunately, I can not taste it because I don't have a Red Robbins.  So, I am going to give it my best shot to make a Oktoberfest shake!  Get excited because if I succeed, which I will, I will be posting the recipe on this blog for ALL to see!  Have a happy and safe Oktoberfest!

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