Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's a uniquely scary beer!  This beer is sure to get you in the Halloween mood.  It's called "Freaktoberfest".  If you don't like clowns then do not buy this beer, because it has a terrifying clown right on the bottle.  I think one of the best parts of the beer is the fact that it pours blood red!  How exciting is that?!  

The beer is not an Oktoberfest beer.  It tastes like a good pale ale with good malt flavor.  Has a good head that stays with you as you drink.  It's not enough that it's blood red and has a crazy clown on the bottle, but if you start reading the label you'll see that its abv is 6.66%.  Good beer to drink while handing candy out on Halloween!  


  1. My husband and I always pass out beer to the neighborhood adult's on halloween. This is very cool where can I find it?

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  3. The only place I know that has it is a small bar where I live. I did order it for the store I work at which is Hy-Vee. I would suggest going to your local grocery store and see if they can talk to their distributor to carry the beer. Seems like a great beer to hand out to adults!