Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Must of been a BIG animal

I work at a grocery store and one of the departments I over see is the liquor department.  Everyday vendors are trying to get me to buy new product from them, and about 85% of the time I don't buy.  However one of them did talk me into buying a Barleywine style Ale.  I've never tried a Barleywine Ale before so i asked my vendor to describe it.  All he said was "it's a BIG beer".  

It's the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale! Scores high on every beer website I've been to while researching this beer.  This beer backs up it's name (unlike the New Castle Werewolf).  It has a sweet, malty smell; almost smells like it's made with maple syrup.  That sweet smell and flavor gets cut buy a bittersweet hoppiness.  Careful when you drink however, because big flavor usually means high alcohol content (9.6% to be exact).  In my opinion, this is one of the absolute best beers I've had all year!  It's a great beer just in time for the fall.

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